Drones equipped to throw out a line with bait can reach fishing grounds about 850 to 900 meters away from the shore or fishing boats. That is why the UN FAO considers them dangerous as the device makes it possible to fish in areas that mariners could not reach before. These places are important for stocks to recover. Also, using this method, fishermen can capture fish that are food for larger species. South Africa banned the use of unmanned and remotely piloted flying object to prevent pressure on endangered species.

Using a drone, you can spot where a school of fish is located and put out a line with bait or maneuver your boat to. The device can detach the line that is connected to a fishing rod, which allows the fisher to reel in the catch by hand. Or in case of a light fish, lift it out of the water. Recently, two Aussie fishermen managed to catch a 20 kg tuna from the shore in this way.