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Maruha Nichiro Top Executive Leaves Role
03 February 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, Japanese seafood giant Maruha Nichiro announced the resignation of its chairman and former CEO Shigeru Ito citing health issues. Masaru Ikemi, who replaced him as CEO in 2020, will become the company's sole representative director. In a press release dated January 30, the company highlighted he will assume the position of Corporate Advisor from February to March 1, 2023.

Ito, who has donned multiple roles in the company became chairman of the board in 2020 and has been instrumental in Maruha Nichiro's growth. He began his career with the establishment in 1972 as General Manager and served the company for over five decades. From July to September last year, seafood giant and trader Maruha Nichiro’s foods business and foodstuff distribution segment reported decreased operating income due to rising raw material and energy costs. The depreciating value of the yen also affected its businesses.

Mexican Fishermen Say Low Tuna Catches Are Worrisome
02 February 2023

The fishing industry at the Mexican port city of Tuxpan is stumbling in the dark as its lucrative tuna catches have dropped. Tuxpan holds 90 percent of the tuna fishing fleet in the Gulf of Mexico. Its yellowfin and bluefin are sold in large numbers to the American and Japanese sashimi markets. But over the past few years, catches have been meager and the price for fish has considerably declined. Fishers are now hoping for brighter days, reported Vanguardia Veracruz.

There has been a drastic rise in the number of boats fishing in its waters, and many do not follow the fishing ban. Marine pollution and climatic changes have added to the woes of Tuxpan’s fishing community. In addition, its fishing fleet crew had complained about millions of dollars worth of losses due to the COVID pandemic.

Albacora's Founder Receives Bermeo's Posthumous Award
01 February 2023

The contributions of Iñaki Latxaga – founder of Albacora S.A – Europe’s largest purse seine operator – have been vital for the EU tuna industry. Latxaga, who passed away last month at age 84 in Bilbao, has been posthumously awarded a gold medal from the tuna town of Bermeo where he first started his operations in 1957. The recognition which was given “in gratitude for his contribution to the fishing industry and to the municipality of Bermeo" was announced by Mayor Aritz Abaroa.

According to the mayor, Latxaga worked hard to attain a top position in the global fishing industry. “Bermeo has always been in his head and in his heart, proof of this is the great commitment he has shown with various cultural, leisure, and sports groups in the municipality, always willing to collaborate”, he told the newspaper Deia. Abaroa added that the late founder of Albacora and his business have been instrumental in providing numerous job opportunities to local families.

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