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100% Of Canadian Cannery Products MSC Certified
23 October 2020

All Raincoast Trading products are now carrying the MSC blue logo for sustainable fishing. The cannery based in Nanaimo, Canada, has over 25 years of experience and trades albacore and skipjack products sourced from fisheries on the west coast of Canada and in the Maldives Islands. They both hold MSC certifications.

In the past, only a selection of products had the MSC label. However, the company has now made this 100 percent to give consumers confidence in their origin. According to Raincoast, all of its items can be traced back to the fishery and boat. Apart from tuna, it also processes salmon only sourced from MSC fisheries.

COVID-19 Outbreak In New Zealand Port
22 October 2020

Out of 440 Russian and Ukrainian fishermen who arrived last week in New Zealand on two chartered flights, at least 18 have tested positive for COVID-19. The sailors were in a hotel - which has been since placed in lockdown -- in mandatory quarantine when the examinations were performed. They are workers for fishing companies Sealord, IFL, and Maruha.

In addition, two workers onboard the carrier 'Sofrana Surville' also tested positive. The vessel is believed to be the source of a port worker's infection who had contact with the boat. These are the first community cases recorded since September 25. New Zealand is experiencing the biggest daily toll since April, with 25 cases. The country has recorded one of the world’s lowest number of deaths and infections.

EU Fleet Extends Foothold In Pacific
21 October 2020

The EU has extended by one year the sustainable fisheries partnership agreement with Cook Islands. The current protocol allows for 7,000 M/T of tuna to be caught annually by four EU purse seiners. Next year once the extension expires it will have to be renewed.

Taking into account the contributions from ship-owners, the Cook Islands was to receive an estimated total of EUR 5.3 million for the four years duration of the protocol. Spain is the main beneficiary of this agreement.

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