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TU Creates Food Innovation Venture Fund
18 October 2019

As part of its continuous investment in innovation, Thai Union Group PCL has started its own venture fund and is committing USD 30 million of its venture capital to companies developing breakthrough technologies in the food-tech sector.

The first Thai Union Venture Fund's investment is Flying SpArk, an Israeli startup that produces larvae insect-based protein. The fund plans to invest further in entrepreneurs and will partner with the companies to support and fast-track the development in three strategic areas: alternative protein, functional nutrition, and value chain technology.

US Navy Catches Skipjacks Off USS Nimitz
17 October 2019

One of the largest warships in the world, the USS Nimitz of the US Navy, served as a trolling fishing vessel for some enthusiasts on board determined to prove they could catch tuna from the aircraft carrier. 

Trolling off the 10 meter high fantail of the 100,000 tons supercarrier had its limitations. However, the sailors prevailed and they caught a couple of skipjacks, a maneuver that was recorded on camera for those who need to see it to believe it. The video was published by US Sportfishing Magazine and can be viewed here.

Histamine Recall Now Covers Almost Half Of USA
17 October 2019

US Florida-based distributor MiCal Seafood Inc is expanding its recall of frozen tuna products as the number of States with consumers risking histamine poisoning rises from the 11 initially reported, to 23. The country of origin marked on the products is Vietnam.

The company has now posted an official notice on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website. The affected products are frozen, wild-caught yellowfin tuna loins, tuna poke, tuna steaks, tuna ground meat, and tuna Saku. The original recall reported that the tuna was sold in 11 States and four people were sickened with scombroid fish poisoning. The expanded recall, naming all 23 States, does not mention any further case of sickness.

For more information about histamine poisoning and the effects, please see Atuna’s page on health and food safety.

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