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The Almadraba Season Ends With 1,891 Tons Of Bluefin Caught
18 June 2019

The Spanish region of Cádiz finished its bluefin fishing season after meeting its tuna quota of 1,891 M/T. The allocation  for the area was previously extended from 1,342 tons after the purchase of Cantabrian tuna vessels. 

The fishing season began in 26 April for the four almadrabas (Barbate, Conil, Zahara and Tarifa) in Cádiz and it generated 400 direct jobs in the region. 

The last fishermen will leave from the almadraba of Zahara to finalize their fishing margin this Wednesday. 

New Zealand Helping Marshall Islands Revise Tuna Plan
17 June 2019

The strategic and tuna management plan of the Marshall Islands is being updated by their Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA). Representatives of Fisheries New Zealand are assisting with the developments of the new project. 

The New Zealand team stated that they are not writing the plans but are providing structure and guidance. 

Director Glen Joseph of MIMRA stated that the updates will satisfy the regional and international obligations and development of the Vessel Day Scheme (VDS). 

US Territories WCPO Bigeye Quota To Be Divided
17 June 2019

The scientists of the Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) from the Pacific will meet between June 18-20 in Honolulu to discuss longliners' bigeye quota for the US territories. Their recommendations will be forwarded to the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (WPRFMC) which will gather from June 25-27. The WPRFMC will transmit its fishery management measures to the US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

The WCPFC agreed on the limit for US longline bigeye catch in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean for 3,554 M/T during 2019 and 2020. The SSC will decide on potential catch and allocation limits for US territories as the NMFS has the authority to set the quota for the regional territories. Also, the SSC will advise if the quota should be re-evaluated annually or after a certain period of years.

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