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PNA Opens New Headquarters In Majuro
07 May 2021

This week, the PNA opened its new headquarters in the Marshall Islands, the country which has been the organization's home since it was established in 2010. The four-story facility was a multimillion-dollar project and it will house staff who will manage the Vessel Day Scheme (VDS), fisheries compliance, financial accounting, and PNA's fisheries information management system, reported Radio New Zealand.

However, Marshall Islands' borders have been closed since 2020, thus there was only a soft opening but there will be an official gathering scheduled for a later date when government leaders can meet in the country. Around 50 percent of the global skipjack catches originate from PNA waters. The organization holds the largest MSC certification. Through the VDS management program, the PNA has been responsible for a nearly 10-fold increase in revenue for its Pacific island nation members over the last decade.

Spain Rejects Plan To Increase Small-Scale Tuna Fisheries Quota
06 May 2021

Last month, the EU Parliament submitted to the EU Council a bluefin management plan that would allocate a higher quota to small-scale fisherman. However, the proposal cannot be put in place as several countries have voted against it.

In Spain, the Interfederative Commission of Fishermen's Guilds of the Valencian Community (INCOPESCA), is blaming the nation’s government as it was among those who opposed the plan, reported El Periodic. The organization claims that this decision favors the interests of large tuna companies that catch high volumes of the tuna every year. The details will have to be renegotiated before a new vote can be held.

NOAA Releases Podcasts On Benefits Of E-Monitoring
30 April 2021

NOAA Fisheries in the US has a new podcast series on how electronic monitoring can help to ensure sustainable fisheries in the country. On Thursday, the agency stated that it is investing in technology for fishermen to use to track their catch and these novel technologies can help make data collection more timely, accurate, and cost-efficient.

So far, NOAA Fisheries has made three podcasts on the topic. One on investment, the second regarding privacy concerns and costs, and lastly, on what the future holds for the tuna and fishing industry. It also states that despite the many valuable benefits of electronic monitoring systems, they are not meant to take the place of onboard observers.

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