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Test To Find Parasites In Ranched Bluefin Effective
29 January 2020

Researchers in Australia who have been developing a diagnostic testing technique for parasitic blood flukes in Australia’s ranched southern bluefin have published the first findings regarding its efficacy. The data was published in the Journal of Aquaculture by scientists from RMIT, ASBTIA, and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. It revealed the benefits of targeted treatments for such fish and the reduction in the number of parasites.

The blood flukes, Cardicola forsteri and Cardicola orientalis, occur in about five percent of wild tuna but are a particular concern for ranched tuna as they can cause mortalities. The study also makes recommendations on best practices for managing the handling of the fish once caught to reduce any effects these parasites might have. 

ANF Might Sue Diversified Communications Over Boston Show Ban
29 January 2020

Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF), owner of the Loma Linda plant-based alternative brand that includes TUNO, has announced that it is considering legal options against the producers of the International Boston Seafood Show, Diversified Communications. ANF has been denied entry to the exposition as it is a plant-based seafood alternative. 

ANF sent a letter on January 23 through a law firm requesting that the producers reconsider their decision on the grounds that TUNO is not only made of ocean-based ingredients but it is also currently developing seafood applications. The company has not finalized its decision to file a lawsuit but it is demanding that Diversified Communications formalize a policy that is fair and equitable for all – not one that is arbitrary or capricious. 

EU IUU Legislation: A Trade Barrier Or A Game Changer?
29 January 2020

The fight against illegal fishing is a big issue in the global tuna trade and there is still a lot of pressure on governments to eradicate this problem. Several recent events have also brought the Americas in the forefront of this matter. Last year, the EU handed Ecuador a yellow card as a warning for its inadequate measures in combating IUU fishing, while Panama was cautioned regarding the same issue.

There are varying opinions about the way the EU, the largest tuna trading partner for the Americas, is dealing with illegal fishing and holding processing nations accountable. Some argue it is merely a non-tariff trade barrier while others praise it as a game changer.

At the upcoming AMATuna2020 Conference, Chris Hoornaert, Head of the European Union Delegation to Panama will be motivating towards the tuna industry attendees the ‘EU Policy To Fight IUU Fishing’. He will give a greater insight into the economic bloc’s various and latest approaches in battling illegality and insufficient reporting.

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