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Mythical Creature Fights Over Mega Tuna In New Ad
23 July 2021

Filipino brand, Mega Tuna is on a roll when it comes to delivering bizarre and fantastical ads. This time around, it has chosen to go with a video campaign featuring the manananggal, a creature from Philippine mythology which cuts her body in half to prey on victims.

In the current marketing ad, a woman's top half with bat-like wings, who is enjoying a plateful of Mega Tuna refuses to share her food with the lower part of her body. “Are you jealous? But you don’t have a mouth to eat,” she says. The two parts of the creature end up fighting on the floor over the meal but the woman-half wins in the end. She then joins her body together to continue eating her tuna dinner with a broad smile on her face. It has 217,017 views on YouTube so far. For this and more tuna advertisements across the globe, see the world’s largest collection in Atuna’s TV Commercials Page.

MSC Appoints New Executives To Promote The Logo In The Americas
22 July 2021

In a move to strengthen its position as a world leader within the sustainable seafood movement, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has announced two new senior appointments in the Americas. The sustainability organization hopes to grow public awareness on the continent where the MSC presence is still significantly low.

Erika Feller, from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, is the new Regional Director of the Americas. She will be overseeing the Council's operations in this region to continue to expand MSC’s work with fisheries, the supply chain, and consumers. Meanwhile, Kurtis Hayne, the former Senior Commercial and Fisheries Manager, Canada West, has been appointed as Program Director to lead the Canadian market.

Marshall Islands Set On Port State Measures To Fight IUU
19 July 2021

The Marshall Islands is interested in strengthening its port control so it can combat illegal fishing. It has lodged its intent to become a party to the Agreement on Port State Measures (PSMA). The country already has a five-year national plan (2020 to 2025) of action to prevent IUU fishing, which has been submitted to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), reported by fisheries expert Francisco Blaha.

As part of its commitment to the PSMA, the country’s Marine Resource Authority (MIMRA) will review the plan every five years. Nations that implement this seek to prevent IUU tuna or seafood from landing in their ports which helps block such products from reaching national and international markets. PNA islands Palau and Vanuatu are also part of the PSMA.

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