UK Bluefin Preservation Program Launched

Following increased bluefin sightings, the University of Exeter with CEFA have launched an electronic tagging program.

The two-year initiative is the first step in bluefin conservation in British waters.


UK Catch-And-Release Fishers Want Access To Bluefin

UK catch-and-release fishers are seeing potential economic benefits with the recent, though slow, “recovery” of the endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna. Consequently, campaigners are calling on the UK Government to allow this practice.

Campaigners say in recent years tuna sightings have become more frequent, with the Angling Trust estimating "hundreds" being spotted annually off the UK.

"It would be a massive boost to our coastal communities”, says North Cornwall MP Scott Mann.

The catch-and-release campaigners want a "licensed" fishery that would control the number of vessels targeting the fish and reporting catches. However, environmental organization Greenpeace suggests it is too early for anglers to fish the tuna, as just a few years ago the species was on the brink of collapse.


Venezuelan New Minimum Wage: Still Not Enough For Can Of Tuna

Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela has ordered the minimum wage to be increased for the fourth time this year.
The declaration increased wages by 103 percent equaling to 5,196,000 Bolívars (USD 20.91). The Venezuelan Bolívar has become near worthless due to sharp inflation rates. In August 2018, one toilet roll costs 2.6 million Bolívars (USD 10.46).
Reportedly the wage increase has little to no effect as this amount is still not enough to purchase a can of tuna.


WCPFC: First Meeting Begins Today

The 15th Regular Session of the WCPFPC has begun in Honolulu, where 26 participating member states will be deliberating key issues in fisheries of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, including regional albacore and bigeye quotas. Tuna caught in this region accounts for 58 percent of all global tuna catches.


Woman Who Forgot To Buy Tuna Killed

Ricky Thompson, 41, is currently being held at Tarrant county Jail in Fort Worth, Texas for allegedly killing his 59 year old girlfriend.

The Tarrant County Medical Office found fractures in the neck and throat area of Darcy Martin consistent with strangulation and her death will be officially ruled a homicide.

Thompson now faces a murder charge, accused of strangling Martin because she had been gone too long and returned from the store without the tuna.

Thompson was arrested on a murder warrant on Monday and his bail has been set at $35,000.


New Destinations For Old Tsukiji Market

Tokyo is planning to build an international event center at the site of the old Tsukiji tuna auction market.
By utilizing the 23-hectare Tsukiji plot, Tokyo is aiming on increasing the number of worldwide conferences to 330 putting it in the top-3 world event cities by 2024.
The demolition of the old fish market already began in October and the lot will be used as a transportation hub during the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, giving Tsukiji two new purposes in the short and long term.


New Joint Venture: Atunlo And Marfrío

Spanish firms Marfrío and Atunlo have entered into a joint tuna venture which will allow bulk tuna to be unloaded and processed in Villanova de Cerveira, Marín.

A new facility will also be inaugurated on December 3 which will produce pre-cooked tuna loins and will reportedly create 300 new jobs.


Scientists Analyzing ‘Ear Bones’ To Estimate Stocks

Data about the age of Atlantic bluefin tuna is being used as a technique to assess the status of its stocks. According to the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), this method is used by the ICCAT Scientific Committee. A very reliable procedure to estimate the age of tuna is by examination of their otoliths or "ear bones". In the last evaluation, the analysis of otoliths recorded a small but important overestimate of the age.
IEO is organizing a workshop next month to determine the growth of Atlantic bluefin.


Sea Shepherd Flagship M/Y Steve Irwin To Be Scrapped

The environmental action group NGO Sea Shepherd has announced they are retiring their flagship the M/Y Steve Irwin. The vessel has previously participated in Bluefin conservation campaigns in the Mediterranean. It will be scrapped for parts later this week.


Spain's Major University Launches Fishing Marketing Course

The faculty of Economic and Business Sciences at UNED will host the first diploma of profession expert in Fishing Marketing.
The National Distance Education University (UNED) has more than 205,000 students enrolled at the institute making it the largest student population in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.
The university credits a partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in Spain for providing financial support towards the pioneering course.


Tuna Auction Viewing Area Now Open At Toyosu

Visitors to the new Toyosu tuna wholesale market in Tokyo can now view the tuna auctions from a designated area.
The viewing zone, which was made available to attendees as of yesterday, is separated from the auction area by glass walls for hygiene control, however through openings in the upper part of the space, visitors can still hear the energetic atmosphere and excited voices of buyers and sellers.


Tuna Lantern Set To Break 30-Year Tradition

A lantern in the shape of a tuna will be featured as the main lantern in the Taiwan Lantern Festival, for the first time in three decades.
The choice will break a tradition of using animals form the Chinese zodiac. Tourism Bureau Director-General Chou Yung-hui said “We want the presentation to reflect the culture, history and food of the area where the festival is held.”
According to Yung-hui, the lantern will remain on permanent display in Dapeng Bay after the festival comes to a close. 


Tuna Sculpture Almost Ready For Unveiling

A sculpture depicting a tuna pole and line fisherman pulling a fish from water is nearing its completion.
The much anticipated sculpture was originally planned to be unveiled in December last year, now it is due to make its debut in April during the annual SALT festival.
The piece consists of USD 250,000 worth of bronze and will represent what the tuna industry means to the town of Port Lincoln, Australia.


Tuna Spotter Plane Finds Lost Record Attempt Sailing Boat

The vessel, Wild Eyes, made headlines in 2010 when Abby Sunderland attempted to become the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe solo.
A couple of days ago, a tuna spotting plane found the boat off the coast of Kangaroo Island, near South Australia. A police helicopter and two commercial fishing vessels were sent to the scene to investigate.
Wild Eyes was abandoned in the South Indian Ocean after Sunderland’s rescue in June 2010.


Two Philippine Tuna Fishermen Rescued At Sea

A Vietnamese fishing vessel rescued two Philippine fishermen who had been drifting at sea for days. They had set sail to catch tuna in waters between the Philippines and Vietnam.
The small boat they were on sank after facing problems at sea, leaving the two men drifting into Vietnam waters where they were spotted and rescued by the fishing vessel BD 95786 TS, which was catching tuna at the time in an area near Vietnam’s Truong Sa waters.
A third fishermen is still missing.


US China Trade War: No Additional Taxes On Tuna... For Now

Three days of intense negotiations between China and the US has ended with no further tariffs being implemented, neither on canned tuna and frozen pre-cooked loins from China. 
With 49 days to go until the end of the 90-day trade war truce, the two parties have yet to reach an agreement regarding duties on products from either country.
If no consensus is reached the US will raise their tariffs to 25 per cent on USD 200 billion worth of Chinese goods.


Veracruz Fishermen Plea For Fishing Ban

Tuna fishermen from Veracruz, an east coast port city on the Gulf of Mexico, demand a fishing ban from the government to recover stocks which have been severely dropping due to overexploitation.

In Veracruz, they usually catch yellowfin, bigeye, blackfin, and bluefin by longline.