Upcoming Events

Start End Event / Link Location
11-Jun-18 15-Jun-18 IFOMC 2018 Vigo, Spain
18-Jun-18 20-Jun-18 SeaWeb Seafood Summit 2018 Barcelona, Spain
22-Aug-18 24-Aug-18 Vietfish 2018 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
25-Aug-18 29-Aug-18 Aqua 2018 Montpellier, France
29-Aug-18 31-Aug-18 World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition 2018 Shanghai, China
04-Sep-18 06-Sep-18 Seafood Expo Asia Wanchai, Hong Kong
12-Sep-18 14-Sep-18 2nd Pacific Seafood & Technology Exposition 2018 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
16-Sep-18 18-Sep-18 SEAFEX 2018 Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai
21-Oct-18 25-Oct-18 Sial 2018 Paris, France
23-Oct-18 26-Oct-18 Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture 2018 Bogota, Colombia
29-Oct-18 31-Oct-18 The 7th Annual World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries 2018 Qingdao, China
07-Nov-18 09-Nov-18 China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2018 Qingdao, China
14-Nov-18 15-Nov-18 Aqua Fisheries Cambodia Expo 2018 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
13-Feb-19 16-Feb-19 Seafood and Fisheries Emerging Technologies Conference Bangkok, Thailand
06-Mar-19 10-Mar-19 Aquaculture 2019 New Orleans, USA
17-Mar-19 19-Mar-19 Seafood Expo North America Boston, USA
06-May-19 06-May-19 European Tuna Conference 2019 Brussels, Belgium
07-May-19 09-May-19 Seafood Expo Global Brussels, Belgium
18-Jun-19 20-Jun-19 Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2019 Chennai, India
05-Oct-19 09-Oct-19 Anuga 2019 Cologne, Germany
07-Oct-19 10-Oct-19 Aquaculture Europe 2019 Berlin, Germany
06-Nov-19 08-Nov-19 Expo Pesca & Acuiperu Lima, Peru
20-Nov-19 22-Nov-19 Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture 2019 San Jose, Costa Rica
09-Feb-20 12-Feb-20 Aquaculture America 2020 Honolulu, Hawaii
Feb-20 Feb-20 Americas Tuna Conference 2020 Panama City, Panama
02-Jun-20 05-Jun-20 World Aquaculture 2020 Singapore