Is Our Industry Doing Enough To Reduce Ghost Gear?


@OceanMark, I fully agree, the industry and the government have a combined responsibillity to educate and to inform and reaching everyone involved. The polluter should pay, but psychologists agree that rewarding good behaviour has a better effect, so getting paid for keeping it all clean may work out better.

In the last two years, the industry has ramped up its efforts and has shown more willngness to address sustainability issues. However, incidents like the recent one in Mexico show that the issue must be addressed with a great deal of urgency.

We need to recognise in relation to FADs that the POLLUTER SHOULD PAY. Those who pollute our ocean environment by leaving behind their gear which has become useless to them, should be forced to clean it up themselves, or pay others to do it for them. Plain common sense. Failing to implement, or being hesitant is taking action will have even more disastrous consequences.

Ghost gear is getting worse. Every year close to 640,000 MT of ghost gear is lost or abandoned at sea, mostly made out of plastic which takes decades to decompose. Without a doubt, one of the biggest threats to our oceans and great contributor of the reduction of fish stocks and the death of millions of animals every year. We need to do better, but recognizing the issue is always the first step. Glad to see this issue being put forward more and more.

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