How Big Is The Sustainable Certified Tuna Market Really?

There has been a notable rise in the amount of tuna fisheries and products with MSC certification, and while showing an increasing awareness of sustainability, can create challenges with traceability.

The stronger prevalence of MSC and the importance of developing a robust Chain of Custody for purse seine catch will be important topics addressed at the Americas Tuna Conference, which is taking place in two weeks in Panama.

Jim Humphreys, the Marine Stewardship Council’s Global Fisheries Coordinator, is just one of the expert speakers that will take the stage at the event. He will present an overview of the worldwide growth of MSC certified tuna.

Having joined the organization in 1999, he brings extensive insight to the podium, knowing the ins and outs of the development of the blue tick logo, which is becoming increasingly recognized in many major markets.

Keeping the discussion on theme, Margreet Brinxma, the Product Integrity Manager at Sustunable, will be delving into the question “What is a reliable Chain of Custody for purse seine tuna catch?”

She has been involved in research surrounding supply chain management in timber, palm oil and seafood, and took the transition to industry, now part of the company that is the joint venture partner in Pacifical; the marketing development company for PNA MSC tuna. She’ll offer attendees knowledge on the path of tuna from the start of the fishing trip to the end market point of sale.

Sustainability and traceability are vital topics shaping the tuna industry in terms of fishing, processing and marketing, and these presentation are therefore essential components under the Americas Tuna Conference theme: “Shifting Powers In The Tuna Industry Landscape”.

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Registration to this important tuna industry event where the global tuna sector meets in Panama this month is still open.

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